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Galactic Boar
This little Galactic Boar has a precocious personality as big as the known universe! You'll get lost gazing into the starry night sky coloration, which is (ironically) most brilliant in direct sunlight.

 Star! Sun Star! 

The itty-bitty boar design was originally sculpted out of polymer clay, which we then used to create a rubber mold.  This one was then cast in a clear polyurethane resin with a combination of dyes and powders added to give it its mesmerizing twinkling effect.

This figurine is available for sale right now on our Etsy shop here:…

You can also order this boar design in a variety of other colors and styles on our made-to-order page:…
Hi everyone!  I know we've been a bit silent until recently--things have been busy lately, but last weekend we were able to do a lot of work, so expect more updates in the coming days!  We are planning an overhaul of our Etsy shop soon, including some brand-new designs, new photos, new organization, and more listings for original and pre-made figurines.  We hope you like it!  Meow :3 
Amadeus (Gray Wolf Figurine)
Meet our new shop mascot, Amadeus!  Isn't that goofy smiling face just irresistible?  We'll likely have more pics of this little guy soon. :) (Smile) 

He was made using the same wolf figurine mold as these three custom pups:…

The original design was sculpted in polymer clay, and Amadeus was cast in a polyurethane resin then painted with acrylics and sealed with a clear acrylic spray.

This wolf design will soon be available as one of our made-to-order figurines on our Etsy page:…
Weird Cat Mystery Item!
We decided to create a "mystery item" section of our shop.  Eventually there will a mystery item listing where the piece we send you could be any one of our made-to-order figurine designs, but this one is specifically for the cats, and specifically for weird variations!  Because the cats are relatively simple molds, we like to experiment with new techniques using these designs, and sometimes the outcomes are super cool, quirky, and fun.

Since we have a lot of these weird cats already made, we can offer them at a cheaper price than our made-to-order figurines.  Each weird cats is only $10, and what you'll get is a complete surprise (though if you have specific color likes/dislikes etc. you can send us a message and we will try to meet your desires, but there is no guarantee).

You can order a weird cat at our Etsy shop here:…

What do you think of our mystery item idea?  Do you like surprises?  Let us know in a comment!
Hi all!

We just opened our Etsy shop ( about a month ago, and we still have a lot of questions and a lot of tinkering to do.  We were hoping that some of you veteran sellers (especially on Etsy, but on other online venues as well) could help us out.  We would also love to hear from prospective buyers about what you want to see in our shop!

Here are several areas that we'd like help with:

1. Ordering Mechanics:

Since we offer made-to-order figurines where the basic design can be ordered in many styles (including several price tiers for custom orders), we are afraid that our current ordering system is too complicated.  Currently, we have one listing for each figurine design, where the user can select "Style" and "Color."  The Styles are: White, Solid Color, Marbled (white+1 color), Clear, Tinted, Clear Marbled (clear+1 color), Shimmer (1 color), Glow-in-the-Dark, and 4 tiers of custom, where the price varies with all of these options.  We include a table in the images for the listing to give buyers examples of what each of these options looks like, but we are afraid that some people don't see the table/don't understand how to use it.  Ordering can get a little complicated because if you select White, Clear, Glow-in-the-Dark, or custom, then you must select "None" for color, and if you want a custom figurine, then you need to message us before ordering to describe wha you want, so that we can price it (we don't want you making assumptions about what price tier it will fall under).

This is made so complicated by the fact that on Etsy, you can ONLY include two drop-down menus in a listing, which is how we landed on the Style/Color scheme that we currently have.  Each listing also costs a certain amount of money (though small) to create and renew, so we don't want to have a separate listing for absolutely every design in absolutely every style that we offer.  But friends and relatives (especially less technically-savvy ones) have told us that they find our ordering process hard to navigate, so any recommendations for improvement would be much appreciated!

2. Pricing:

We are still trying to figure out what the optimal pricing is for our figurines.  Currently, they range from $15-27 for one of our listed styles, and $25-50 for a custom style (such as custom painting).  We realize this is a little on the pricey end, but the process is pretty labor-intensive and has required us to buy a vacuum pump/chamber and a pressure tank/pot, both of which are quite expensive.  On the other hand, our order volume is lower than we hoped, so maybe we need to lower the prices a bit.  What do you think of the pricing for the various styles?  E.g. should Glow-in-the-Dark be more expensive than Shimmer?  What would you pay for these figurines?

3. Branding:

We think we need to work on our branding.  In particular, we think the profile picture and banner image (same image as our current DA avatar) is too cluttered and makes it difficult to see the actual figurines.  We are thinking about something a little cleaner/more organized, maybe with lighter/brighter colors and more of a cohesive color scheme.  We have also started to get more creative with our product images, but think there is still a lot of room for improvement.  Suggestions?

4. Promoting:

We have several social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) for our shop, but we are not sure how to best utilize these platforms.  We also created a promo code, MYNAGERIECONSERVES10, that when used at checkout before Feb. 1 guarantees that 10% of your order price will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society, but so far no one has used this code.  We're not sure if that's because we did a bad job of spreading the word, because people aren't really interested in promo codes that don't give them a discount, or because people don't actually believe that we'll make the donation (we'll provide screenshots, we promise!!!).  What do you do to promote your art/shop?

5. General Advice:

Do you have any other general words of wisdom?  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and offer us your advice! Hug 

Giga Shepherd
a.k.a. the MiniMynagerie Team 


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Giga Shepherd
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
We are two partners in crime, life, and art! This project was born from our mutual love of animals and brought to life with a little polymer clay and a lot of effort, so we hope you enjoy our creations! We're based in Austin, TX, where we continue striving to perfect our craft. Check out our shop at:…

Connect with us on social media!……


We sculpt the original designs for these little animal figurines out of a polymer clay. We then make rubber molds of the sculptures that we use to cast highly detailed figurines in a durable synthetic resin (white or clear). Dyes and powders can be mixed or swirled into the resin to add color and produce different optical effects, such as shimmer or glow-in-the-dark. We can also make custom variations upon request, including (but not limited to!) multicolored marbling, layering, or hand-painted pieces!


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